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Making Microphones


Making (balanced) contact microphones - with XLR connectors (orange leads with black, red, silver connectors). The balanced nature of this microphone removes the possiblity of RF interference from other electrical applicances. The phase of one signal is reversed as it reaches the input of a pre-amp. This phase reversal maintains the original signal but any RF interference is cancelled out in the process and makes a remarkable quiet and robust contact microphone. These are available to purchase. Please use the contact page.

Repairing an old Grundig (Lustraphone) Ribbon Microphone (replacement of transformer with a FAB 4196 transformer; replacement of ribbon with 2.5 micron aluminium foil) to make it function. 

Modifying a Citronic RM06 Ribbon microphone (replacement of stock transformer with a FAB 4196 transformer) to improve the sound. 

The construction of new Ribbon Microphones.

This is based upon key items which will be sourced from partners abroad. The items will be tested to ensure that they are of the highest quality:

  • 2x neodynium magnets (50mm x 10mm x 5mm) or magnet array design
  • 2.5 micron aluminium/copper foil; step up transformers (a range of tranformer options available);
  • hand made enclosures (with 3 grades of aluminium mesh and a fine fabric to prevent dust collecting on the magnet);
  • standard XLR connector accepting standard XLR lead for connecting to pre-amp or mixing desk;
  • proprietary connector for mic stand (although suspension mount preferred
  • perspex motor chasis (for lightness and longevity)


         Grundig transformer                Grundig transformer             Ribbon motor                        Grundig transformer               Balanced contact mic.s


Balanced contact mic.s            Balanced contact mic              Grundig Ribbon mic              Grundig Ribbon mic             FAB 4196 transformer


Ribbon mic & FAB 4196                   Citronic RM06 - awaiting upgrade                              Mic elements & XLRs              Soldering XLR plugs


Fitting leads                                      Heat shrinking connections                                          Soldering XLR pins                 Five completed mics


Making Microphones
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